The Route

As the name suggests, the aim is to go to Mongolia. However there is no set route and you are free to come up with whichever one takes your fancy. The final route will require a room with a lot of floor space, many pencils rubbers and bits of string, but we hope it will look a little something like this.


It all starts on the 20th of July in Battersea Park, London

From there we take a ferry to Dunkirk and begin the first leg of our journey towards the Czech Out Party!
czech out

From there, it’s on to Romania for the Romanian Pit Stop and Sibiu Beach Party. Also taking a detour via the Transfăgărășan Highway.

From the beach, we head south and leave Europe behind, heading through Istanbul and along the coast of the Black Sea

We then head to the port of Baku in Azerbaijan to await a ferry to carry us across the Caspian Sea to Turkmenbashi

In Turkmenistan we hope to get the chance to visit the Door to Hell, the remnants of a mining operation where the gas was ignited to burn it off. This was in 1971 and it’s still burning today. From Turkmenistan we head north-east into Uzbekistan, where we will be visiting Samarkand

A quick hop over the border pouts us into Tajikistan where we will start our traverse of the Pamir Highway, an old silk road through the mountains. It promises to be a challenge but the scenery looks spectacular.
Yellow trees

We continue north into Kyrgyzstan from here and leave the mountains as we cross into Kazakhstan.

Our journey through Kazakhstan takes us along 1000 miles of Kazakh roads before we reach the northern border with Russia

We then continue north into Russia and after a short while, our journey takes a turn as we head south again to reach the Mongolian border.

Once in Mongolia (we anticipate it will take a little while to cross the border), we have to navigate the Mongolian roads and get our car to Ulaanbaatar in once piece. We are told that 25% of the cars don’t make this last stretch.

But our journey doesn’t finish in Ulaanbaatar. From there, the car will be loaded into a container and taken by train to eastern Europe for us to collect at a later date. We however, will board the Trans-Siberian Express and take the train all the way from Mongolia to Moscow.

From there, a few connections across Europe will see us on the Eurostar and speeding back home. Infact, it should be possible to go from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Kingham, Gloucestershire, UK only using trains.

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