We’ve bought a car!

We’ve bought a car. It’s a 2002 Perodua Kelisa bought unseen and untested off eBay for £495. Bargain. On the 3-hour drive home, the car developed a misfire.


This is the car! What a beauty.

Shock Absorbers

This image shows a comparison between the shock absorbers that were on the car when we got it (bottom) and what we replaced them with (top).

The misfire turned out to be caused by a very badly bodged connection to the CDI unit which was failing in the rain, and is now soldered but still not perfect. It also transpired that the car did not have an air filter when we bought it, and the fog light is held in the bumper purely by friction as both of the brackets have rusted through (this has been designated “adjustable” and left unchanged).

James is pretty happy with the car, and considers the handling “predictable, if not exciting”. Rory has doubts and seems to be planning some sort of coup revolving around a spares-or-repair Volkswagen Polo. We’ll see what happens.