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We Made It!

After 5 weeks and a day on the road, we arrived in Ulaanbaatar exactly on schedule on the 25th of August. We then elected to drive back through Russia and 10 days later, we were both back in the UK after an incredible adventure.
We would like to thank everyone who made this possible, including our sponsors who donated to the team and donors to our two worthy causes.
Our total stands at £1372, smashing our £1000 target. This will be further boosted when we auction off the Minirigs and Optimus Stove which served us brilliantly on our trip.

Location Tracking

We’ve built a location tracking system with which to keep a live tracking view of our location. It doesn’t automatically update but it allows us to post updates whenever we want, over whatever internet or SMS connectivity we have at the time.

The map view is at At the moment it just has testing data but we’ll reset it at the start of the rally.

More technical description available here.


We’ve sprayed the wheels gloss white for the authentic rally car look. Also got brand new tyres all round. We’ve gone from 155/65/13 to 155/80/13 for a bit more ground clearance.



Let there be music!

We’ve just picked up a couple of Minirigs  for the trip. Thanks to Minirigs and PASCE :) They’re extremely impressive little speakers which should be sturdy enough to last to Mongolia and for quite a while after! What this space for videos of them in action…


If you like the look of them, we will be auctioning them upon our return and giving all proceeds to charity.

Suspension of Disbelief

Another productive Sunday afternoon means we now have a drivable car  We’ve put new suspension on all 4 wheels and the car now glides over the bumps.

(Picture shows a ‘before’ shot using the “Inverse Shoe Test” IE: There should be at least a shoe’s depth between the wheel and arch)

Photo0346   Photo0347